Seriously Soup Anytime!

Ok mums or for that matter caregivers everywhere!! Has it been a shock to the system September?? Yes its back to school and Pro-D Days already, conferences, after school juggling schedule madness galore! I don’t know about you but my head is already spinning!   The biggest thing I am hearing on the playground is…

The Vancouver Color Run 2016

What better way to engage new members of the West Van Run Junior Crew to embrace running, than with a full on kaleidoscopic running frenzy at  The Color Run Vancouver. We were up bright and early saturday morning to deck ourselves in an unashamed collection of mad clothing, make up, hair paint and tatoos. It was literally…

Photography by Nikki Baxendale

Photography has been a lifelong passion, a love affair with light, glass, expression and location. I have shared my life through the lens with so many wonderful clients and friends and now living in Vancouver this backdrop is a true gift. Having enjoyed this first year soaking up seasons and shooting for gallery and art…

Easter Bunny Waffles

An easter treat packed full of goodness, protein power and smiles a perfect combination!

Messy Finger Chicken

Why not put the rules aside for a night and just enjoy great food kid style. Its amazing how many goodies you can squeeze in a sauce along with the smiles that follow.