Community Spirit

It takes a village

We all know that saying, but it’s really true in so many ways. A village can be broken and a village can be rebuilt but it’s the spirit within it that can make all the difference. Little acts of kindness can go a long way. Many of you will remember the movie ‘Pay it Forward’ and while we don’t all need to come up with massive expressions of generosity a simple act multiplied many times can have an enormous impact. 

Have you all been hearing the crashing sounds at 7pm each night to celebrate the medical worker risking their lives to save others beyond their usual scope. Our kids are learning the effect of community and are eager to participate ringing in the power of this togetherness. The melody rings all over Vancouver and we hear back from our workers that it’s making a big difference knowing we all care for them. 


Today I ran socially distant around my neighbourhood and was touched by two homes that left notes out for the garbage men which led me to run back home and add mine to my recently placed pile. I pulled out my pizza boxes and drew smiley faces and giant thank you notes and then went inside to add this daily mission to the kids lists. For a craft a day decorate the garbage and send notes of kindness to all forms of workers that are making your life better!

Lets face it, the kids have the time right now, they need a project or two and what better way to use disposable resources than to share some joy! Just to know a community appreciates and cares will go along way. Can you imagine the impact if next time your refuse collection team went around the area every home left something kind. I know how it would make me feel. 



So now why not put a smile on your mail man too! I’ve tasked the kids to write a fun note with a joke of the day and tape it to the wall above the mailbox, we will keep adding and sharing a giggle with these wonderful workers and hope you will too! 

Be safe, be kind and spread some joy!


Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much

Helen Keller

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