Reset before the holidays


It takes a village to be able to recover these days but I highly recommend finding one and recruiting immediately! Whatever your story, be it an entrepreneur, busy parent, exercise guru or just plain living in your own internet crazed fast lane, we all need time to press that reset button especially with the holidays fast approaching.

Enter Tulum, 32 amazing humans and add the combination of outstanding food and a soul pumping, muscle burning workout schedule by the amazing Genieve Burley and you have a pretty fabulous combination. To bring it all together Deanne from Turf and Genieve were the most welcoming hosts, collaborative and frankly behind the scenes masterminds that coordinated every detail to ensure we all felt connected and had the recharge we so needed. This retreat was designed as a metabolic kickstart to give you more energy, burn more calories at rest, aid digestion and promote proper hormone and neurotransmitter production. Ok sign me up !

Firstly lets discuss the location, Tulum ! need I say more, other than how have I never been here before? There are some places that you just arrive at and know its going to be great and Tulum is one of those. You can’t help but love the architecture, almost every restaurant and hotel had details to die for. If I could have smuggled them home I would but sadly you really need the whole ensemble to translate that back in wet Vancouver! We stayed at Zorba Tulum an authentic, rustic beachfront beauty. The space fit the group just right but what made it perfect was the energy that the team brought.

When picking a retreat there are some serious considerations, the group going, the food! the workouts, will there be any fun and who am I sleeping with ?? Well I can hand on heart say 5 stars all round. The group seemed to have a fairly connective link centred around Turf, the lifestyle, work, eat and shop experience currently in Kitslano and soon to be in a second location on West Georgia. From all walks of life this group really was a smart eclectic mix and great fun to get to know, sweat and share a margarita with. Instantly I was fortunate enough to connect with a group that I can safely say will become lifelong friends and we are already planning the next get together, some things are just meant to be!

Marika and Rylee were our wonderful chefs offering a plant based gastronomic delight.  I live in a house filed with bacon lovers so this was quite a new experience for me, one that proved to be spectacular. For a plant based virgin your initial thoughts are whether we will be eating hamster food with little flavour but this was so far from that. I would trade bacon any day for this lifestyle but I might need Marika and Rylee to move in because while I am known to love my kitchen I’m not sure I can pull that off!

On day one a delicious bowl of Quinoa Krispies arrived which had the table fighting for seconds and begging for the recipe, and the begging continued as dish after dish appeared throughout the retreat looking more beautiful and tasting even better.

Each morning started with a smoothie before we headed off to meet Genieve in the workout studio. Usually some great rhythmic beat would be blaring as we arrived and prepared to work up a sweat for 90 minutes. Pounding the elevated floor, its surprising we didn’t tear down the place! The afternoon soon cooled down the beat with a welcome stretch, meditative yoga practice or pool barre, which has its own stories but some things just stay at the location!  When you meet Genieve you instantly feel her spirit, both free and welcoming. You can’t help but love this amazing lady, and being part of several days of sweat and self discovery truly was a gift!

There was also plenty of time to connect with new and old friends, relax on the beach or take in some retail therapy, honestly the full package!

Before we headed out in the evening for dinner a group cocktail made this retreat feel like the perfect combination. We had to be up for the morning workout so it wasn’t all night partying but just the right amount.

There are so many more things to tell but frankly you just need to experience it first hand, I believe also there might be a right of passage ceremony to attend if you do treat yourself. Those who went this year will have those giggles and stories to share for a while!

image0 2

Thanks Deanne and Genieve you have something special and personally I’ve told my husband its a marriage requirement that I get to go next year!

xoxo Literally Life




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