Life in Focus

One of the wonderful things about working for  Lululemon is being able to take time to really seek out what lights you up. It’s so true that when you are happy you thrive and for a creative person, that’s the moment the magic happens.

Working as Creative Director and Brand Strategist for ivivva by lululemon has been a fun-filled adventure. This week, shooting the back-to-school campaign, was for sure the highlight for me. Traditionally when you’re art directing and building marketing materials, being the photographer isn’t in the cards so it was a true joy to be able to jump in and wear this hat as well.

Here are a few behind-the-scenes snippets…

It’s All About The Shot

I believe that to be in it, you have to truly be in it, under it, upside down and all the moves in between to get the shot you want.



Actors Welcome

I’m definitely a hands-on person and there were times when I literally had to just wing it. The antics not only amused the crew but also the endless stream of onlookers and tourists visiting Vancouver’s beautiful Granville Island. Between mastering a high kick, popping to a hip hop beat, pitching a curve ball and jumping into a perfect heel flip, it was a new form of personal embarrassment that I won’t soon forget!

As anyone who has been on set with me in the past knows, no crew member is safe from being roped into extraordinary measures to entertain the talent and keep the energy up. My truly brave crew stepped up and mastered a new form of dancing to  ease our model’s nerves around performing; she could certainly follow this dance troop!



Of course the secret to an amazing shoot is the crew you work with and their ability to roll through the day, share a laugh and keep the energy up – this crew was all that and more ! These moments truly light me up and I can’t wait to be on set with them again soon.



That’s A Wrap!


Sneak Peek

A few out-of-camera roughs, so much more to come!

collage bts

ivivva Crew

Team love, job love!


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