How To Turn Your Child’s Super Hero Obsession Into A Learning Opportunity

Being a busy mum and even busier now that I started this week with the truly amazing brand Ivivva as Art Director and Brand Strategist (more on that later), I’m all too familiar with the daily struggles to make informed choices for my three hungry and active minds at home.



In an era where there is so much distraction with electronics and a heavy rise in the need to succeed in multiple ways, it can be a challenge to know where to turn for advice for specialist learning tools, books and toys that will engage and inspire.


‘an expertly curated design-focused shopping and lifestyle platform with your child’s social, emotional, sensory, and developmental needs in mind’.

Set up by two talented ladies with a mission to educate families on shopping for different kinds of kids with intention and compassion, to bridge the gap in the market for parents of both ‘typical’ and special needs children. The products they feature are vetted by a team of parents, kids and child development and special needs experts. Within their site every child can benefit from hand-picked selections.

So you can imagine I was so thrilled when WOLF+FRIENDS asked me to partner with them on a shoot to showcase this vibrant and well curated series of books about all things SUPER HERO! I particularly love the one about ‘EVEN SUPER HEROES SLEEP’ because anyone who can inspire my night-owls to recharge their super powers is a hero in my book! Literally!!!!


And I am a firm believe having identical twin girls, that they should celebrate their individuality and girl power, so this is really a cool one, and I am pretty sure their cute as a button friend Ruby agrees!

Also I have to add the boys were definitely in love and begging for more when we discovered the cooking series, the fun cutters were great and while I cannot promise super heroes are clean and tidy they certainly will have fun making a mess!

Here are some more behind the scenes shots, the smiles just say it all.


To see the full article visit here at Wolf+Friends


I wish WOLF+FRIENDS every success and look forward to all the great new ideas they will be sharing with us, keep checking back to see whats NEW!

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