Frosty Snowmen Smiles

You know its taken me some time to understand the concept of being a good parent, not a perfect one because frankly thats impossible!! Im fine with good, which mean while I want to feed my kids only organic and the best perfectly balance diet to optimize their health and lifestyle, I have also come to realize that their memories are worth just as much if not more that all the goodness I can give them.


So I failed miserable today with health and nutrition but scored in smiles, and memories.

This is such a simple and fun thing to do – yes its a bit cheesy, homemade and you might have to use your imagination to see the beauty in the snowmen but can I tell you, mine named theirs and gobbled them up with every imaginable story and fantasy brought to life with an icing snowdrift!!!


Have fun this holiday – break a few rules, don’t feel bad just enjoy, its the holidays and these days pass so fast its best to just like a snow angle- fall into them and scoop them  up one giant dollop at a time.

The trick to frosty snowmen is a cake pop maker, its brilliant! The day we got it, I immediately decided we needed to have more things to cook in it than cakes. So pancake balls were born! Now that its Christmas those balls are perfect for building snowmen.

And don’t worry about any extra growth on your pancake balls, mine call them ‘Saturn’ and fight over them because of the extra treat around the edges


Simply cook up your pancake balls, melt some chocolate and make a chocolate pool on a plate (I called it a chocolate ice skating rink) this will form your glue to hold the base of your snowman. Place the first ball on the chocolate, then insert a tooth pick, add a dab of chocolate on top then add another tooth pick and your third ball.

Finally sprinkle a snowdrift of icing sugar over the top and you have a winter scene sure to bring smiles to all!

All thumbs up !



Enjoy with a little eccentricity from Literally Life!



One Comment Add yours

  1. Morag Burke says:

    With real dustings of snow and snow man building outside – perfect


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