Queen of Katwe, teaching our children about believing in the power of self.

I’m sure I am not alone in this holiday season feeling that our children are so fortunate to be living in the world they are. It’s not always their fault that they cannot appreciate how lucky they are and truly rich.

I struggle to often explain this to them, I often get cross feeling they don’t appreciate what they have and so its wonderful to be able to show them a story like this, a story they can relate to and ask important questions after seeing it. Lupita Nyong’o is wonderful as is Phiona played by Madina Nalwanga


Chloe and Lily watched every moment and understood most of the messages, as a mother it warmed my heart to hear the questions and the realization in their face that some children really don’t live like them.

If this holiday season you are trying to find a way to explain the fortune we all have, try taking your kids to this movie, its a wonderful story and they will be left with a little more understanding. Thank you Kucki for the recommendation!

Bravo DisneyQueen of Katwe! Queen of Katwe is my pic of the season!

here is the trailer – enjoy!

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