Redefining your Life

I wouldn’t say I am generally a skeptic, but lets say I am cautious. I tend to not celebrate something I don’t understand or share it. On the flip side when I find something I truly love and I am passionate about, I shout about it and want as many of my friends and family to benefit from it. I am truly a natural born cheerleader I just have to believe!!

Enter Rodan and Fields, I have been watching this company for quite some time, even my husband is celebrating their business model and he is an analyst who is frankly cautious! When he said to me, “seriously you should look at this company, you give so much of yourself into whatever you do and with this business you can own and create whenever your want, fit it into your day and be as bold as you like, the more you invest the more your business grows”. Well Mark is my go to when it comes to numbers, business and general career direction choices so I actually took time to look into it. When my friend Darla gave me a little mini facial to try I thought it must be a sign, so I tried it and loved it but was still not 100% convinced. Eventually I thought well whats the worst that can happen I sign up try it for 60 days use the whole kit and then return it if I hate it. Really there was no risk.


So the Box arrived, and it sat for a day unopened, then a week and then 3 weeks later I finally opened it. I was afraid to try it and afraid to embark on something new because I know what I am like I will be all in and I wasn’t yet sold. But I did like the packaging….

So I tried it, and guess what, I really loved it!!! Wow ok wait there is something to this, truly its actually great product. I breathed a sign of relief because the worst that could happen is I found a new regime I loved and I got to use all this awesome product.


But then I started giving out samples to a few friends and guess what – they loved it too and before I knew it the product started selling itself. I knew it would work because at the base of the business there is a product that really works and is a pleasure to use. I am delighted to share it with my friends and frankly anyone I meet because I believe in it. Its a bit like buying a gift, I only buy ones I want myself, things I found that I want someone else to experience.


Im often asked if I could narrow it down, what are my top all time favorite products from the range. I would have to say these below, the clay cleanser is amazing and there is no exaggeration here, try it and you will fall in love. Its so simple to use and I feel squeaky clean after using it. The 2 serums are a must, there is a night serum and a lip renewing serum. If you are worried about lip lines you just cant live without this little miracle, slather on at night and leave it to work its magic along with the night serum. The little blue tool, for Micro exfoliation at first feels very unique, its like little prickles and its a bit like aerating your lawn to allow all the nutrients to penetrate.


My background is in retail, creative marketing and design. I am also a professional photographer so I have many ways to showcase this amazing brand. If you need extra help promoting yours then contact me for some tips and my imagery to help build your business. All Imagery used was designed and shot by Nikki Baxendale Photography who owns the sole rights, please do not reproduce the images without talking to Nikki first about her work usage rights, many thanks!!

If you would like try some of these for yourself or find out about being a consultant, send me a message. Its swept the USA and now growing strong across Canada so join the movement and enjoy the ride!

Its also exciting to see stories of others using the product, no more thrilling than our very own Amy Beeman from the fabulous blog According to Amy and Vancouvers 94.5 Virgin Radio, where Amy shares her own experience with Rodan and Fields. Amy is part of our teams network and we are thrilled she is loving it. Just see how fabulous she looks, as another mum of twins fitting in a crazy life I truly love following and reading other stong women’s stories! check out her blog for a hoot of ride!


with a little eccentricity from Literally Life…..


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