The Vancouver Color Run 2016

color-run-bannerWhat better way to engage new members of the West Van Run Junior Crew to embrace running, than with a full on kaleidoscopic running frenzy at  The Color Run Vancouver.

We were up bright and early saturday morning to deck ourselves in an unashamed collection of mad clothing, make up, hair paint and tatoos. It was literally my kids dream day. It was the day mummy wouldn’t say NOOOO stop that, instead it was go on add a bit more and guess what Im doing it too with giant inflatable wings too!

They couldn’t wait to meet their friends and get to the event. Meet crew #literally.

No stranger to a 5K this mini crew honestly could have strode out 10K without blinking. Around every corner a squirt of flourescent paint, bubbles, a random snow man and goodies galore. A chance to sprint, dance and get your funky groove on while generally laughing your colorful compression socks off!

First stop our favorite chocolate and coffee shop Temper to fuel up and practice some selfies 🙂

Then find a few friends in the crowd

And we are off…

Quick pose along the way

Everyone loves bubbles!!!

And before you know it 5K is up and everyone is begging for more, great to get a cute medal and no suprise Chloe managed to snag 2 !


And now this is where the fun begins, Chloe is in her element and I start to get a little scared that Smurfittis is about to take over as the evil glint in Chloe’s eyes connects with mine and I realize she has been given a full bottle of blue paint to squirt at any poor victim. Ok its not just Chloe all our junior crew have a color concoction HELP…….

Here are a few out takes thanks to my handy iphone carefully whipped out between colorful dousings. I highly recommend the event for anyone wanting to share a family/ group activity and also get kids excited about moving !


A colorful crazy day with a little eccentricty from Literally Life……

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