Photography by Nikki Baxendale

Photography has been a lifelong passion, a love affair with light, glass, expression and location. I have shared my life through the lens with so many wonderful clients and friends and now living in Vancouver this backdrop is a true gift.


Having enjoyed this first year soaking up seasons and shooting for gallery and art projects, I’m now beginning my private client work and its fabulous. I particularly love the clients that work on my year program, who share more behind the scenes and allow me to capture a series as their family changes through the year.

And for my own walls with just a few more weeks of my renovation to complete I’m excited to finally add a few pictures of my own family. Here are just a couple from the collection.




Now as the winds whirl up, the skies grey a little and the light warms into autumn I can’t wait to shoot my next family series both mine and yours. Email me if you would like a private session , remember…..



We may not remember the days but we remember the moments

A picture says a thousand words

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