Mexican Mothers Day

21.08.03, 05.12.07,09.01.09

These are my favourite days and today reminds me of how mothers hold their kids hands for a while but their hearts forever.

This Mother’s day we are in paradise, Punta Mita Mexico and it couldn’t be more idyllic. The smiles as vibrant as the landscape, sun rays dancing across the ocean casting rainbow sprites and sparkling diamonds as far as the imagination can see.

Here are a few snapshots of our first week.

Hudson I think has found a new talent in modelling, he constantly asks me if his hair is ‘Beach cool!’



Lily changes six times a day perfectly matching the occasion with her colourful wardrobe. All three have a new love for the local Vancouver brand Redfishkids, its vibrant cool collection of clothing and accessories is spot on for these hip kids, who love life, live it hard and wear it well.

I just love the story behind RedFishkids and that its clothes are for the courageous kid. This speaks volumes to our tribe, well travelled, high energy and always ready for a new adventure. Wearing a smile as wide as the ocean, cheeky quips that could curl your hair but love as colourful and neverending as the rainbow so frequently present on our journey.


Chloe is in love with the local crafts, strumming Ukuleli tunes and disappearing in daydreams as she dances in the ocean.

The moonlit dances, gelato dates and tree house secrets make this trip filled with memories that make family the best time on earth.



Happy Mothers Day with a little eccentricity from….


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  1. suecolledge says:

    This family are so missed by those who love them as they live so far away. luckily they have their Mum who sends us these lovely snippets.


  2. Nikki, your photography is absolutely STUNNING ! And I really like this Theme:) x


    1. Oh thank you Julie it’s really become such a passion for me :)))

      Liked by 1 person

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