Alex & Lily’s first date

Alex (aka Chloe) have known each other their whole lives, before we knew them they had even had their first kiss and will no doubt be soul mates forever. Its not surprising therefore that when choosing a hot date for a night out they pick each other, twin style.

Lily dressed to the nines in her favorite sparkle gown, cool fur vest, accessorized with just a touch of mummy’s make up and girlie scent played the part of slightly hard to get perfectly.

Alex kitted out in Hudson’s finest, sporting daddy’s aftershave and just a little too much hair wax declared “Ready for a hot date baby” in a well practiced cowboy drawl.


Off to The TeaHouse in Stanley park , what could be more romantic!

Here are a few outtakes from one of my funniest evenings yet, my two little entertainers just too funny for words.

LilyandAlexNikkiBaxendalephone5 date-0015

“Ok now that business it taken care of, look cute hot stuff time for the million dollar shot”






“Go on, Just a little kiss!”


“Oh those eyes I just knew it was you, Oh Alex, I mean Chloe! I will love you forever!”


My favorite moment was mid way through dinner when Alex switched back to Chloe for a second and proudly declared  “mummy I even have Hudson’s underpants on incase I need to use the boys bathroom, it wouldn’t be cool to have girls knickers on!”

Until the next chapter with a little eccentricity from….


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