Dreams & Goals Ivivva Style

When I look back at my childhood I can distinctly remember being asked over and over “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I also know the right answer at the time was either a doctor, a policewoman or a long shot – An astronaut 🙂 The concept of ‘Dreams & Goals’ wasn’t really about embracing the possibility of what you could be. It was about a solid career that was safe and could pay the bills and whilst that was important the magic of possibility was a distant unknown fantasy.


Roll forward a few decades and today the world is a very different place, the internet brings every corner closer, there are stories of true life dream chasers, miracles that do happen and the mentality that you can if you just try. Our kids are surrounded by positive messages and tonight was one of those rare moments where Chloe and Lily along with old friends and some new ones were fortunate enough to be in the presence of some truly talented ladies and be able to actually hold a real Olympic medal. Now I’m pretty sure they have no concept of how cool that is at age 7, but I know as the grow up and look back at these moments they will begin to build their own dreams and remember the wonderful people they have met along their journey which will hopefully inspire them to be and find their fabulous self.



ivivva Park Royal hosted Canadian Olympic Athletes: Micayla Gatto (Women’s Downhill Mountain Biking) Allison Forsythe (Olympic Skier) and Krista Guloien (Women’s Rowing). The girls were given the opportunity to hear the athlete’s stories first hand and work alongside them to set obtainable, courageous and fierce goals!


Here are a few images from tonight.











I look forward to seeing lots of Dreams and Goals coming to life!



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