I’ve lived in many amazing cities and always felt that February gets a bad rap, it literally has a cloud hanging over it. When you have embraced the holiday season, enjoyed a cozy fire and a favorite sweater by the time February hits isn’t it time for spring!!! Vancouver brings with it rain and more rain but there are those days and if you live here you know exactly what I mean when I say they are magical. There isn’t anywhere like it on earth, and for the first time we live in a place where even February brings a passion for the outdoors and each day a new beginning and the hope for a radiant day.

There are also those places that become the icing on the cake and when we discovered Temper Pastry in our home town of Dundarave, West Vancouver we were hooked.  I’m a firm believer in balance, and as long as my kids start with good nutritional build blocks then why not indulge in a few special treats. As the french say ‘a little of what you fancy does you good !’ and if you are going for good go for the best.


Given that I’m using dark chocolate as one of my latest superfoods to add iron into my diet and also lashings of antioxidants, I can firmly say this guilty pleasure need not be so guilty any more.


Steve the Chocolate master and owner of Temper invited Chloe and Lily along with a few friends to sample some spring treats. Everything was brought to life with the new cheerful sunshine yellow and bumble bee collections from Crate and Barrel.

Here are some of the treats we made with Steve and of course devoured!


Lavender Bread Pudding 

To see the full recipe visit my post with Crate and Barrel here


When the warm dish greets you the aromas are glowing with the subtle tones of lavender, just enough to set you up for spring.




The beauty of this rustic dish, is your guests can literally pull chunks straight out of the baking dish and then drizzle in molten chocolate, (just make sure to let the dish cool a little first!).


Serve with Hot Chocolate and Vanilla bean Marshmallows

Molten Hot Chocolate with Vanilla Bean Marshmallows

To try this yourself visit my page with Crate and Barrel here.


I love novelty bakeware and this tin is really fun for the kids, we have tried so many recipes in it already savory and sweet, the kids have a blast pulling the beehive apart. To add to them Steve’s, marshmallows just topped the hot chocolate with the right amount of theatre. So light and airy they floated perfectly, no sinking bees !



If you haven’t made marshmallows before you can try Steve’s recipe by following the link here

  • HRCBTempaNikkiBaxendale-0059


February really is beautiful! the suns rays match the delighted beams from our sweet tasters.




As the whistle sounded from the kitchen all small hands were quickly on deck behind the seasons to help Steve with the finishing touches. To cleanse and calm the palette we made a refreshing  Pink Grapefruit Tea. To make and try yours click the link here.



Whilst sneaking a few extra samples the girls whipped their way around a culinary playground until sugar highs reached their peak and we all agreed this had been the best treat yet!



I think its safe to say that baking birthday celebrations are now going to feature as a new family tradition, all with just a dash of eccentricity from Literally life.


Thanks Steve and Crate and Barrel for a fabulous spring Temptation.



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