A glorious time to detox!


It’s time !

I’ve had an active 7 months since moving to Vancouver, its been a busy ride and a fabulous one. I haven’t sat still for a breath let alone a detox and system overhaul. After a long white weekend on the slopes in Whistler it’s home to West Vancouver and glorious sunshine. A surprising treat for a winters day with the sun beaming down, could spring be teasing us already?

Now all I want to do is throw on my sneakers and run 20k. Unfortunately I have a sick little one in bed and so it’s official, one more day my legs get to recover and no excuses to start a well needed body overhaul. Lately I have noticed tired eyes and less than perfect skin all symptoms of stretching the day to its limits. I think I need to try a detox and I remember seeing Temper pastries new range from Glory Juice the other day while I was shooting in there so i’m going to grab some essentials and pick up a test series.

Here are the five I sampled today along with several homemade ginger, turmeric, lemon and cayenne teas.


I have been through a few cleanses over the years and I have to say these little bottles of sunshine really pack a punch wth flavor and freshness. Feeling a little run down and in need some anti-inflammatories for several aliments, the turmeric and ginger really hit the spot.

I know the day should end with the Cacao drink but the Golden Milk was the only one left for nut options and have to say Im glad I tried it, its delicious and the perfect end to a new beginning!


Now I need to see if I can get through the week clean. I have to say I am super excited to chat this week with my fellow West Van Run Crew member, Sarah, founder of Eat2run about a longer term approach to fitness and nutrition. Having been injured for the past 10 weeks I can’t wait to try some of Sarah’s methods to fuel recovery, I’m already a huge fan of the Tart Cherry juice!  Check back for the start of a great new recipe series and eat yourself happy and healthy with a little eccentricity from Literally Life!


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  1. suecolledge says:

    What a coincidence , I was chatting to a friend today about ailments and anti inflammatories and she said ” I take ginger and turmeric everyday ” must look into an acceptable source didn’t fancy the spoonful in hot water routine. Perhaps I should eat more curry !!


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