Imagine…. a Thanksgiving Feast



I’m so thankful we live in a place where we have forests for our thoughts and feasts for our imaginations. Where magic is born in the drop of an acorn and the laughter of children.

When you close your eyes, step into a woodland room and see a banquet the way you want it. There’s still a turkey but it’s a little different from the grownups. There are buns full of sweets, and candied apples are a main dish not just a treat.


Here you can let go. Imagine what it’s like to be a kid again, living in a world of thanks for every moment, playing dress up just the way mum and dad do… but please forget the glass-stemmed dinner… the fussy plates and vegetables.  Let our forest friends carry in delights and fine foliage surround our wishes.


I hear the magic in the trees, mummy tells me the lights are the rainbow sprites shining smiles and warm beams around us.

Working with Crate and Barrel we made a wish for a magical thanksgiving, below you can see some of the fun we had.

To check out the full article and how Literally Life made all the wonderful fare click the Crate and Barrel Blog here.

Wishing Bones 



I’m deep in thought, is that a rainbow sprite? I wonder what treat comes next?


Gobble Gobble Turkey Berry Sliders with Thick Cut Bacon

For those big and small a savory treat sure to delight!


Cranberry relish


This is my favorite condiment, I always have to make fresh relish. Being so simple and easy to make there is nothing that can top Cranberry relish fresh from the stove.


And here is how to make a turkey that’s a little different but sure to delight.

Turkey Paper Popper

Living in Vancouver, where our love of the environment connects us all, teaching ways to recycle and how to be creative with everyday supplies is a gift.  With a little imagination, a mountain of popcorn and the help of a handy glue gun I’m sure this new found tradition of ours will delight yours too. Chloe, Lily and Hudson are always eager to help with mummy’s latest creations and you really can make this one a family affair, you could even have the kids hide little messages inside for loved ones to find.


To find out how to make one click here for the method on the Crate and Barrel Blog.

I won’t lie I was quite proud of my turkey, Chloe and Lily helped make all the popcorn and we were excited about our feast centre piece. However when I shot the party in action it was a total frenzy and I didn’t think I had a single shot, then editing I could barely contain myself laughing at capturing all the madness and mischief. Even the sweetest and most well behaved completely let loose and dived in. This literally makes make sides hurt laughing and yes thats Chloe stealing away with a big bag to herself!

Candy Apple Poppers




Mallow Candy twigs


These little rascals were trying to steal the feast but they didn’t get very far!!

Baked Gingerbread Cheesecake


This pie dish brought squeals of delight!

Chocolate Turkey’s


Making these turkeys is a lot of fun, it can get pretty messy too. Be sure to have extra supplies especially when little hands are sampling the treats along the way !


It’s a moveable feast and the wishes you can eat.

Now there’s only one question to ask: would you like an adventure now, or would you like your chocolate first?


This post is sponsored by Crate & Barrel, who also provided all of the serving pieces and product.

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