West Van Run 2016 Promo shoot

When Kirill of West Van Run asked if I could take their promo pictures along with my fellow runner and shutterbug friend Shannon of Cuddlebug captures, It was an easy answer. This group really is the definition of team and as part of them we were thrilled to capture some awesome shots to promote this great event.  West Van run holds an annual run, now over 2 days, incorporating a 5K, 10K and a kids run. It so well organized that you can actually participate in all the events which makes this race weekend one of few, the whole family can enjoy. To learn more about the event and to register check out the website here West Van Run 2016.

westvanteam pro

On an early morning, with beautiful backlight to ease the chill,  we invited some of the Ambassadors for West Van Run  Karin FemiBradley CuzenJin StewartBen Lui,  Samantha A Daigneault , Sarah J Cuff and Steve Monteith, along with Cody Callon and Kathryn Drew from fellow run club Fraser Street Run Club to share some performance poses and portraits. This crew knows how to look hot in their  Brooks gear, check out some of my images for  Nikki Baxendale Photography below.


I can never resist a little backlight so here were a few quick snaps as the sun joins us over the Lions Gate bridge.



A little individual warm up.

And then some teamwork, which was fun and borderline life threatening lying on the road as the car whizzed by!

WVRNikkibaxendale-0585 WVRNikkibaxendale-0513

and after all that work we still remember to stretch, check out those awesome Brooks shoes! Great job Ben Lui, for standing still long enough for me to catch that perfect moment!


After all the promo shots it was time to get down to business and get the full crew together for our Saturday run, here are a few extra shots with a great crew led by or awesome team lead Kirill Solovyev.


If this looks fun, just wait till you run with us! you might get hooked so come join us Saturday morning 9.30am at Cafe Crema in Ambleside or Thursday night where we mix it up with intervals and some awesome technical training and stretches with Karin Femi.

Don’t forget to register for the West Van Run in 2016! its the event not to be missed!

12091266_850037895103659_4823928737016993762_o 12120096_850037898436992_1408493633472537173_o

If you missed the turkey trot post, here are some previews images of our youngest recruits the new West Van Run Junior crew

lily junior crew hudson junior crew CHLOE 2 junior crew

If you would like to use any images, please contact Nikki through this blog or her website http://www.nikkibaxendalephotography.com to gain access to printable files.

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