Granville Island Turkey Trot / West Van Run Junior Crew

I remember running when I was only a little older than Hudson, Chloe and Lily. For me it was competitive, long distance and training every morning 6am at the track running 1500 Mtrs. I can’t recall it being something I would call fun, it was miserable getting up in the cold, so eventually running gave way to gymnastics and that was that. I picked it back up when I lived in New York and ran the Marathon in 2001 right after 9/11 and it was one of the best days of my life.

Roll forward more than a decade, a couple of jobs, two moves and three children and after a fairly long snooze where not a step had been run we found our home here in Vancouver and firmly planted with the best running team in town ‘West Van Run’ 

This team are literally like a new family, so supportive, fun and motivated, I know my family has seen how inspired I am to get out there and set new goals for myself and for me its a message I am thrilled to pass onto the juniors. Start them young and they will be hooked, as long as it fun, and we make friends along the way, what better way to inspire than with a great team.

Meet the eager three new recruits of the West Van Junior Crew, Hudson, Chloe and Lily

lily junior crew


hudson junior crew


CHLOE 2 junior crew


Today they ran their first race, the Granville Island Turkey Trot , they were so excited and lets say a tiny bit competitive, I really have no idea where they get that from!

After a quick warm up it was time for the count down.

Kirill our West Van Run leader sporting bunny earsand Jin one of our ambassadors, lined up ready to lead the pumped up 5-10 year olds around the course. As the time neared and the bustling half pints inched forward, Krill and Jin totally lost control and were quickly pushed aside as a mass of small bodies burst ahead of the starting signal and they were off.

After the crowd fell about laughing, watching them almost become road kill, we waiting with eager anticipation of a fight to the finish.

Surprisingly the field opened up and leaders took their place,  then puffed red faces the first few arrived over the finish and then out of the blue who should make it in 5th place, it was Lily, wow !!! I think you may have found a way to expel that energy. Hudson and Chloe were not far behind and all enjoyed every minute. I think they will be back again.

Im so thrilled to share this fun activity with them, and hope they will carry on or find something they love equally with a little eccentricity.


And then on thanksgiving morning it was mummy’s turn, the 10K in the pouring rain. Still a great morning and proud to run with my crew! Go WestVanRun !!!!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Connie Scott says:

    Love seeing the pictures of your beautiful family and enjoying this great passion with you, very exciting!!! x0x0x


  2. Dana says:

    Way to go Lily!!!!! Looks like fun was had by all:)


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