Popcorn / Pizza Party

Leaving Chicago in June and moving to Beautiful British Columbia, meant 13 weeks of summer vacation for Hudson, Chloe and Lily. Vancouver is ‘Literally’ the most beautiful place we have ever been and the kids are having the time of their lives.

Everything at ages 6 and 7 is an adventure, a creative opportunity and often involves a tiny bit of sibling rivalry. With the furniture in split shipments and a house filled with large moving boxes, we had fun making pretend cars for modern day spin on an old classic ‘The Drive in Movie’. We also celebrated the last of the late nights of summer down at our very own beach with a popcorn party.


On the kids menu were homemade messy finger pizzas and a delicious Artisanal mushroom and rosemary version for the grown ups.

Drive in Movie, Hudson, Chloe and Lily style 


Using the largest wardrobe boxes, we spent the afternoon, cutting, glueing, painting and molding a car for each to call their own. Its these moments when you realize with all the modern day possessions everyone has, its the simplest things like creating something out of what your thought was garbage, that brings true simplistic joy to a child. Just look around, you will find opportunities to invent and be creative everywhere and if you need help, just keep following Literally Life to see how we play.


Messy finger pizzas 

I would say Pizza is probably the kids favorite food, so you can imagine the delight when the our Pizza Oven arrived. We all love making homemade pizza and playing with the dough. However you haven’t quite tasted great homemade pizza until you have tried the New Wave Pizza Oven from Crate and Barrel. It simply is the easiest, most delicious way to get that brick oven style at home. The beauty of this oven is the speed at which is heats up to an impressive 700 F, combined with an authentic pizza stone to absorb the moisture which is the key to avoiding that soggy middle.


I love making my own dough, its really does make a difference, however if you don’t have time, try and find a local restaurant that makes the dough fresh, it will transform your homemade pizzas.

For  simple way to make your own dough and to also try my Oh so delicious Rosemary, mushroom and salami pizza check out my feature on the Crate and Barrel blog here.

As for the presentation, well our modern day ‘Drive In’ meant our home made cars and 3 different movies on personal iPads. I think after the feature presentation, the first car sleep over will be on the cards.

Artisanal rosemary, mushroom and salami pizza





Tart Tartine Pizza

This rustic treat is a spin on the sophisticated and delicious french tart or galette. Its buttery goodness can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Why not make a little extra dough and then treat yourself in the morning. I pair mine with a homemade almond milk latte and my secret is I get up and hour before anyone else so I can indulge in a little peace and eat it all for myself! To try it check out the recipe on the Crate and Barrel blog here.


There are no rules to what you can make in this fabulous little oven, experiment with sweet and savory and you will be surprised at what you can create.

The key is to have just the right amount of moisture, if you add too much your pie will be soggy and if its too dry to can be hard.

Sunset beach party with a pop 

What better way to end a summer evening than at your very own beach. We are still so excited to be able to walk to the beach each day, it really a novelty that Im not sure will wear off. The view is spectacular and the temperature is amazing.



Hudson, Chloe and Lily had a dear old friend visit this week and whilst he is twice their age, kids old and young can’t help but love the challenge of a popcorn game. You simply have to make as much mess as possible catching bowlfuls of popped goodness.

The beach was covered and I think our new flavors might have involved the odd sprinkling of sand, funny how Chloe still manages to devour the crunchy bits with glee!

CBpoppizzaNikkiBaxendale-0529 CBpoppizzaNikkiBaxendale-0530

Enjoy your own end of the summer party with a little eccentricity from Literally Life !

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