Sea to Sky escape

What would you do if you had one rare day without the kids??? so many options, such precious little time! Well Mark and I decided to hike for 2 hours up the Sea to Sky trail in Squamish. An amazingly gorgeous day, a 1000 meters plus climb over 12 kilometers through some of the most beautiful trails, rock faces and waterfalls.

Seatosky-1758 Seatosky-1759

The trail starts at the base of the famous Chief Peak trail and rock climbing challenge and after an initial steep climb it branches off towards the magnificent Shannon Falls.


There are several amazing viewing points with breathtaking landscape, well worth the climb.


When you reach the top, a cool glass of cider awaits to soak up the view with, a perfect way to spend the day!

Seatosky-1789 Seatosky-1787 Seatosky-1783 Seatosky-1779

To finish the reward of the gondola ride down and then time to clean those trail shoes!

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