Fresh start friday / blueberry parfait and homemade almond milk latte

This morning we were all excited to pick our first blueberries from our new patio garden. Delicious bright, bold and juicy little bubbles bursting with goodness. Fparfait3

It was time to make everyone a parfait and mummy a homemade almond milk latte sweetened with dates to start the early weekend off with a healthy kick.


To make the parfait, first make a compote using a handful of cut plumbs, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. Place in a pan and warm with a little water, lemon zest, ground ginger and cinnamon until the water boils. Lower the heat and allow to reduce down to a thick compote consistency. Then cool and refrigerate.  To make the compote simply start with the compote and then layer with coconut yoghurt and the granola of your choice. I top with caramelized ginger and fresh blueberries straight from the vine. I served them in these adorable little Josie glasses from Crate and Barrel, so pretty.

I discovered the best way to make homemade almond milk latte from my favorite new coffee shop 49th Parallel Roasters, where they also serve the best donuts in town!

lucky donuts

To make simply put a large handful of raw clean almonds into your Vitamix, add a couple of dates, a cup of water and blend on super power to grind down to a smooth consistency. You will need to add more water for a thinner milk and more or less dates depending on your sweetness preference. Then I froth up the milk and add to a double espresso shot. Top with Cinnamon and nutmeg and a delicious and very health start to the morning!!!


Enjoy with  little eccentricity from Literally Life.

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