Time for some Father’s Day games , here are some highlights from the day, to see my full article check out the Crate and Barrel blog here




This ice crushing mallet was ‘literally’ a hit!

As the games came to a close, preparations for the afternoon feasts were under way. Finny was on hand to flex his muscle and be the first to taste test the soda pop. After a few valiant attempts he found his calling as chief taste tester. We love these little retro bottles, perfect for bubble blowing.


This hand hammered beverage tub is simply stunning as both an inside and outside feature. I love the way it frosts up and then slowly starts to glisten in the sun as the ice melts.



If you have been following my blogs you will know I love a centerpiece and this 2 tier basket offers simply unlimited options for a fabulous display. The wonderfully vibrant colors of fresh vegetables can look and taste magnificent. Be sure to find the freshest ingredients, farm to table simply is the best way to go. Once you have tasted straight form the land you really can’t beat the flavors.

To make a crudite tower, I left as many items as long as possible. Served with a refreshing dip, some olives, mini sweet peppers and pitta chips in this contemporary Preston platter which was a great rustic compliment to our table.

To see how to make yours and add something to compliment check out my full article on the Crate and Barrel Blog

CBFDNikkiBaxendale-0821KEY LIME LARGER 

Time for the big boys to enjoy some well earned liquid sunshine! Served in a Scandinavian classic, these Littala Krouvi mug’s were fabulous, Dan and Mark loved the weight of them.


Simply pour 2 Tbsp of Key lime juice into your mug and top with lager of your choice, then freeze giant ice cubes topped with lime slices and add to the lager. Drink and enjoy your Father’s day with a little eccentricity from Literally life.

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