Mother’s Day with Crate and Barrel, part 2 Tempting Treats

It’s no surprise that when Literally Life partnered with Crate and Barrel to create a Mother’s Day celebration, a tower of delicious treats would be the centerpiece. I think Chloe and Lily thought all their birthday and christmas wishes had come true to be able to make so many sweet delights and try some new ones.  Here are a few moments from this special day, where we celebrated grandma and the ladies from St.Marks Preschool in Barrington.

To see more and try the recipes yourself, visit my post for the Crate and Barrel Blog here.



I love to add a little drama on the table and this gorgeous three tier cupcake stand was the perfect place to start.
CBMDNikkiBaxendale-0361 Enjoy making your tower with your own dash of eccentricity, this is how we filled ours:-

  • Magnificently moist and tangy coconut cupcakes, topped with Lemon buttercream
  • Chewy ripple meringues
  • Sugared fruits
  • White chocolate brittle with strawberries and pistachio
  • White chocolate brittle with citrus, Gogi berry and ginger

You can find the recipes here Delicious Desserts

Chloe and Lily filled the kitchen with an orchestra of drum beats, whisking and giggles as they joined grandma to create our tower. My mummy top tip is to feed your little ones a healthy portion of protein before starting on a project like this, you can be assured a good amount won’t make it to your guests!

The chocolate brittle is so delicious and easy to make, this is a really fun one for kids to try. The key is to add pops of color and accent with zingy flavors. For little ones you can also try adding sprinkles, or a kaleidoscope of candy favorites, there are so many ways to make this festive for any occasion.



We adore meringues in our family, from eton mess, fancy french macaroons to a simple addition to an ice cream sundae. These slightly chewy, crisp and sweet fancies look every bit as delightful as they taste.  Here are three ways to use them for your mother’s day table.

You can find the recipes here Meringues 

CBMDNikkiBaxendale-0331This bouquet of fresh and artificial flowers with a confetti of mini meringues is simple stunning.

Enjoy celebrating all the ladies that make your life special this mother’s day.

I would love to hear how you filled your mummy’s indulgence tower of treats! with a little eccentricity from Literally Life!

To be first to see new recipes and ideas, enter your email and follow, so much more eccentric fun ahead!

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