Bundtlette Breakfast Cakes

Rise and Shine it’s a beautiful day to enjoy some delicious yumm with Literally Life. If you are waking up this morning wondering what to make, you might delight your family young and old with these delicious and healthy bundtlette pancakes.  I partnered this week with Crate and Barrel to create a Father’s Day feast….

FA*BLE / farm to table, Father’s Day with Crate and Barrel

It’s been a busy week for the Baxendale family, we are packing up our home to move to one of the most beautiful places on the earth. We couldn’t be happier, having lived apart from daddy for almost three years it’s time to reunite our nest. Vancouver will be the beginning of a wonderful new chapter…

Delicious preview!

This week has been somewhat busy, packing up the house to move to Vancouver and working on a fabulous new feature with Crate and Barrel, so much to be excited about! Look out for our new posts coming this week. With Mark home this weekend it was the perfect excuse to try a new delicious recipe, check…

A creative day, my passion

I just had so much fun today, I think I have finally discovered my calling, mixing a retail background with creative art direction, cooking and photography!!! This truly is the most fun thing to do. Stay tuned for the next article coming soon!

A wedding wish sent with love / how to create the perfect package

Mark and I had the delight of attending the wedding of two very dear friends, Jim Fielding and Edison Briones. With a spectacular backdrop, the O’Donnell house in Palm Springs and an intimate gathering of those near and dear, it truly was a magical day. As any fellow passionate photographer or creative will tell you,…

Mother’s Day with Crate and Barrel, part 2 Tempting Treats

It’s no surprise that when Literally Life partnered with Crate and Barrel to create a Mother’s Day celebration, a tower of delicious treats would be the centerpiece. I think Chloe and Lily thought all their birthday and christmas wishes had come true to be able to make so many sweet delights and try some new ones….

A Mothers Day Celebration

Literally Life partnered this week with Crate and Barrel, to create a Mothers day afternoon filled with decadent drinks, blissful bites and tempting treats. Chloe and Lily were all giggles and smiles to be able help plan, make and share in the celebration. They had grandma and the ladies from St Marks day school in Barrington all ready…