A totally delicious ‘Aqualicious’ day


It was all squeals of delight when a pinktastic package arrived this week. Chloe and Lily were both thrilled that the Pinkalicious series had taken a splash into an aqua adventure. Bringing tales of Merminnies and messages that home is not always where you think it is. This story was a true joy to both read and create a day of Aqualicious inspired fun. Their friend Oreana joined in with all the sparkly fun too.

Just like Aqua, Chloe loves pink but her favorite color is blue. Lily her identical twin sister who couldn’t be more different in every way,  loves blue but her favorite color is Pink Pink Pink! So Aqualicious was the perfect combination for both of my little Merminnies. SEAFOAM SHERBERT

Soda Pop Aqualicious style All three could hardly believe their eyes when a truly Aqualicious treat started their day. Using a mismatched collection of blue glasses I mixed a cotton candy swirl sherbet with the most delightful azure blue soda pop and we all giggled to see the seafoam bubble up. We fished out cherries and watched the tingeltastic juice explode as we blew on it. STARFISH COLLAGES

As a designer I truly love the details that go into Victoria’s books and the girls are always excited to find the patterns and collages throughout the book. In Aqualicious they were quick to spot the sheet music on Aqua’s shell, and set to work on their own little starfish collages made up of treasure gems and twinkling sequins. We made them on little canvas boards ready to hang in their bathroom Aquarium. MERMINNIE PLAYTUB

Aqualicious bath time AquariumIt was time to create our own little Aquarium bathtub, filled with aqua balloons and giant mermaid tails. Chloe and Lily helped me make the tails, It was super, here is how to make yours

  1. Cut a strip of fabric approximately 50 inches wide and as long as needed for your little Merminnie. (I used an aqua felt blanket from Ikea but you could also get some sparkly fabric from a craft store) You can also scallop the bottom of the fabric to feel more fishy tailed.
  2. Add a strip of fabric bonding starting a top corner and running down the fabric to end aprox 8 inches in, from the bottom edge – see picture.
  3. Fold fabric in half over the bonding and then iron to activate the bonding.
  4. Turn inside out and tie a ribbon to the bottom edge to synch in. Then fill with a little teddy bear stuffing.
  5. To make the fin simple cut a fin shape from thick card, decorate and attach to the end of your tail. I actually used aqua matting from when the girls were toddlers, I have been trying to find a use for it and this was perfect.
  6. You can then seal the top edge and pin to clothing or for this aquarium we made I tapped the top edge to the inside of the bath tub. You are now ready for merminnie adventures.

Aqualicious-0700 Aqualicious aquariumLike Aqua the girls are blue-tiful!! They captured sea bubbles, blew the ocean breeze in windmills, listened to shells secretly hoping to hear little voices themselves, and ate a delicious treat of jelly sushi! Each then took turns reading to each other and together. Bathtub Aquarium Aqualicious style I shared some of their fun with Victoria, the wonderful author and illustrator.

Victoria quote a

We then made a collection of dazzling lacquered shells. We used pop colored and sparkling nail polish to decorate, the polish works so well maintaining the vivid fun colors and the girls just loved being able to create a collection of treasures.


It was such a beautiful day so we decided to go big and paint a giant ocean sea bed in sparkly tutus and bikini tops. These kitty cat bowls were such a hoot as paint bowls and kept the giggles rolling. To make your own ocean bed simply use giant continuous roll of paper and pull out a huge ocean worthy strip. Its great in the garden if its not a windy day. Using eco friendly makes for a happy mummy, easy clean up and its Ok for the environment too.


And of course a blueberry and sea swirl inspired ice cream treat!

Aqualicious by literally life

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