Easter Bunny Day Hurrah!!!

Well Easter is officially a success and the Easter Bunny is still real phew…..


The table was set last night, eggs filled, garden sticks planted and baskets at the ready.

Quick distraction while the bunny went to work…..fun mummy breakfast with a few surprises.

The Easter Bunny is very sensible when he visits us, he designates colors for each of the children so we have no fighting and everyone magically gets the exact same number of eggs and equal loot. Each find their stick with instructions and the hunt begins.

When all are found its time to uncover our treasure and these delivery boxes proved to be the best accessory yet, each hid inside a man-sized box with their baskets and squirreled away delighting in their sparkly chocolate yumminess. So much fun and just a dash of eggcentricity from Literally life. Happy easter.

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  1. suecolledge says:

    Reblogged this on suecolledge and commented:
    what a haul ,clever Mummy colour coded fun indeed.


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