Rainbow smiles Lucky Me – St Patty’s day fun

I’m constantly told enjoy it now because they grow up too fast! I think I’m in slight denial of that being true as I have definitely not grown up myself and I am having so much fun suprising our trio with the belief in all things magical and fantastical.

St Patty’s day is just the perfect excuse to just be silly, here’s what happened when Hudson, Chloe and Lily, ate rainbows, mixed a lucky pie and strung up each amongst other adventures.

We started the day with clover clues and a chart to log the progress, which is extremely important in our house as competition is fierce!

Stpats-3508Hudson was ready for the challenge but horrified by the prospect of a kiss, a disgusting habit he has long since decided will never happen again. This only delights me to include whenever a competition is in effect. Chloe and Lily of course tried immediately to land one on him.

Here’s how to make the perfect St Patty’s day for little entertainers.

Step 1 – Make a rainbow

This is a great way to start a treat day with something healthy and fun. The kids just loved making this beautiful rainbow on a sharing plate which they soon demolished making orange smiles and fruit cocktails.

Step 2 – Molten Rainbow Crayon Art

This is so easy but messy, there are a few tips to make it work which involve an extension cable and a dry day!!

To make the crayon art, you will need a canvas block, an array of crayon colors (this is a great way to use up old crayons because it really doesn’t matter what they look like), some double sided tape and a hair dryer.

Here’s how to make a simple version.

  1. Select the colored crayons and either leave the outside wrap paper on or remove depending on the desired look. Note the crayons will melt faster when the paper is removed.
  2. Arrange in the order you will want to stick them down prior to attaching a sticky strip. Its best to let the kids play with the order before you start sticking, they tend to want to rearrange them several times and this will loosen the stick if they pull them off and on too much.
  3. Stick a good strength 3/4 inch double sided tape across one bottom edge of the canvas and arrange a line of crayons onto it pressing firmly.
  4. Paint any design or name on the canvas.
  5. Find a safe area that can get messy (I recommend a garden) and on paper or an old cloth tilt the canvas slightly and angle a hair dryer directly over the crayons. Use a hot setting and be careful not to move too fast and change the direction of air flow too quickly or the hot wax will fly everywhere. You really need to help the kids with this piece as the wax can burn.
  6. As the wax melts slowly tilt the canvas to create a fun and unique work of art.

Step 3 – Write a Limerick

Well thats a tall order for 6 & 7 year olds so I told them to create a little rhyme and just loved this one that Hudson wrote 🙂

Hudson rainbow limerick

Step 4 – Make Lucky Rice Krispies

This was such a hit, check out my earlier post for the full story and how to make them.

Lucky Crispies

Step 5 – String up a Sibling

By far the most exciting part of the day, to be able to attack each other and mum and dad too, no rules just make a mess!



Step 6 – Explosive Balloon game

Not for the faint hearted but tons of fun. Each charged with sticks taking turns to poke a balloon until high pitched bangs and giggles filled the room, the perfect way to end a Literally Life day.

Oh and you better check for those Leprechauns they are naughty little character, look what one left for us!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Sue Colledge says:

    so much fun I hope Mummy has lots of fun games to play with Grandma when she comes cos she wants to play too !!


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