Every little girls dream birthday

What do you get when you mix five beautiful diva darlings with a sleep over in the big city, lunch at American Girl and high tea at a classy hotel? Lets just say Eloise would be proud!!

We arrived at The Drake hotel in downtown Chicago and the games begun. What better way to tour the lobby than a high speed spin on a luggage cart. We were saved just in time by our fabulous bellman who caught the cart before it sailed down the stairway. I thought we were in big trouble but instead the girls were all treated to teddy bears and ushered up the stairs where afternoon tea fit for english ladies was waiting.


“Would you like an adventure now, or should we have tea first?”

-Peter pan

After a city tour, kiddie cocktails and John Hancock high rise thrills we headed back to the terrorize the hotel hallways.

The first priority was feeding the hungry bunch, followed but facemasks, manicures, pedicures, mummy make overs and high pitched renditions of ‘Let it Go’ from Frozen. I think that will be forever burned on our brains along with our less enthused neighbors. Lets just say the girls had a blast well into the next morning, I’m pretty sure all three mums passed out far before these little ladies gave in.

The next morning the girls looked out of their hotel window and saw they were right across from their dream store American Girl. Oreana’s mum Cindy had booked the perfect location and when the girls begged to visit they squealed with delight when Cindy declared we had reservations for lunch. For the next hour, frills, fur, sparkle and giggles filled the room as 5 little misses and 5 matching dolls were primped and prepped to visit their wonderland.

Shirley Temple cocktails, lunch for ladies, doll makeovers and ear piercing all wrapped together made memories of friendship forever.

Happy Birthday Oreana we has so much fun. Just one wish, lets do it all again next year! I hope thats what you wished for 🙂

Teaparty-1137Mummy can we do that again next week……and that’s Literally Life!

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