Fabulous Fondue Fun

I thought I would really send the kids into a spin this week and try something I remember with great fondness growing up, Fondue! Every Friday night we would gather and share the delicious treats dipped in velvety chocolate and sigh as the sizzle told us the last bites we fast approaching.

Hudson, Chloe and Lily’s eyes almost exploded when they realized that their Eccentric mum truly was going to let them take part in a feast rivaling any chocolate factory fantasy.

To start with I ideally needed personal pots or a variety rather one giant one to fight over and what could be more perfect than these cute little butter warmers at Crate and Barrel


These butter warmers are just the perfect size, it means you can offer multiple dipping options. I used three which was just perfect for HCL any more and I would have been up all night. I melted chocolate in one, caramel in the second and pink marshmallows in the third.

web fondue prep

Next create an assortment of treats to dip, I made a plate of berries to balance out the toppings. Lastly for an optional extra I used a range of little bowls from Crate and Barrel filled with sprinkles, popcorn and shaved coconut.

web  1fondue toppings

And then I let the games begin……with a little eccentricity from the kitchen of Literally Life.

food-57 web fondue scoff

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra”

-Jimmy Johnson

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